They say,

Money can’t buy happiness.But somehow it’s much comfortable to cry in a Lamborghini than on a bicycle.

Ironically,comfort is probably the last thing a man in distress is going to worry about. Psychology states that fresh/open air does more good to a person in emotional dilemma than a closed space, so technically being on a bicycle out in the open might help a person feel better about himself than being in a car with tainted windows, the closed space suffocating him on the inside and eventually, he’ll feel like getting out anyway.

Money is a necessary evil.

These words have probably been uttered by people who have had too much of it,who have ruined their lives with the utter dissatisfaction of not having enough and probably the greed of wanting more.

You wouldn’t expect a starving man,who couldn’t manage two meals a day, uttering the same above statement. 

The truth is,money is not a necessary evil. Neither is too much or too less of it.But the way you use it, the way you act out is what matters. 

Give this story a read,if you’re mildly intrigued by the whole idea.

Money or love – which would you choose?  Two love stories entangle when city girl Lex meets a sexy musician, and hippy-chick Sparrow falls for a billionaire.

Lex is driven by the dollar; a high-flying corporate type, she is only concerned with her bank balance and the life-style cash can bring.  Sparrow is a free spirit without a penny to her name.  Living hand to mouth by the beach, she abhors materialism in every form.

But by falling for men so different from who they are, both women find themselves drawn towards a world they never wanted, and they'll have to face some hard decisions about money, love, and how much a person can truly change who they are.


Some people have the heart of gold.They put others before themselves,they want to help them out of their misery. But is it possible for them to do so unless they have the means for it?

You cannot help others unless and until you’re in a position to do so.

As a teenager of 19, and  someone who’s been shifting houses every two-three years,I have come across certain things that make me want to question some very important aspects of life.


  1. Till what extend is luxury a boon?

Example :Would you give up a very happening lifestyle for a boring one, only if you were paid a hell lot more for it? Would you give up the chance of living in a city like New York /Mumbai/Singapore to be a part of a boring existence only because you get to live in a fancier house,get a fancier car or a big fat salary?

A duplex on the thirty-ninth floor in the heart of a dull city or a two bhk comfort house in a happening city?


 2. Dream job/career for a lesser salary or a high paying job with a life full of dread?

 This is a question that 99% of the people are confused about. I bet many of them out there have already made a decision, I bet many of them regret it to the bone and I bet many of them have learnt to live to with it.

I’m not here providing a solution to the question. We all know that this is not about choosing immense luxury over a studio apartment or between eating at an expensive restaurant and having a cheap takeaway, which again brings me to my next point but for now the real question is about survival. Whether our dream job is capable of feeding us if not providing us with an immensely fancy lifestyle. But again,there’s the factor of being a free spirit with a revolting personality ,a person who believes that you live once and you die once so there’s no point in wasting your life doing something you are not happy about. 

Bottom line,we want the best of both the worlds and life isn’t a bed of roses to provide us with that.

Well well.

3. An expensive diner at,let’s take for example a French restaurant or a cheap takeaway with a bunch of friends and a few bottles of beer?

The answer seems fairly simple right now.  Friends seem fun,beer seems about great and a takeaway with friends sound just about perfect. As a teenager of 19,this is probably something that appeals to me the most,living the alternate reality that Rachel,Chandler, Monica,Joey,Ross and Phoebe belonged to but eventually that feeling is going to pass.


Is this for real?

Have you ever felt that you don’t want to watch the last few seasons of friends, because according to you it becomes boring?  And how you cannot bring yourself to watch the last episode whatsoever because they all split up leaving Joey alone?  Well, that’s adulthood right there for you,no matter how much you try to avoid it,no matter how much you prefer simple things over widely expensive accessories, no matter how much you prefer cheap takeaways over expensive restaurant, things are going to change, won’t it? You know it,you just don’t want to accept it.


A cheap bar with real good pop music and definitely cheap beer is all one needs,or is it?


4.Why are you still reading this post? Is it because you can relate to it or you’re looking for an answer to the question that you’ve never been able to answer nor has any one else?

Why exactly am I reading this?

I know a friend who once set out with practically nothing in his wallet,who threw away his phone,walked out of an important board meeting, boarded a plane and went off to a random city, with the firm belief that all that he needed to do was to make the bold move,and now that he’s done so,the rest will take care of itself, or that’s what all the travel shows, those travel bloggers assured him of.  “TAKE THAT BOLD STEP AND EVERYTHING WILL TURN OUT TO BE FINE

Well,it didn’t and eventually he had to come back to his old life,attend the same monotonic routine that he hated and attend the same board meetings that he dreaded.

But you see,he realized something very important. That bold move would have worked out had he not been of the firm belief that rest will take care of itself. Had he been the one to take care of things even a little, he probably wouldn’t have had to come back.

The thing is,nothing in life comes easy. Whether you want to live your dream life or the life that will fetch you luxury and unhappiness.

Whether you want to run away or whether you want to stick by.

Whether you want to be a wanderlust or whether you want to wake up in the morning to a monotonous schedule.

Whether you want to stay high/drunk every single second of your life or whether you wish to stay sober ( yes, you need to fight for that too)




And there goes the answer to your question in









I don’t know.

If you do (which I really doubt) let us know in the comments below.


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