Taboo or Culture


My dear single and not so single ladies, while exploring the buzzing streets of Kuta, Bali, I came across these unique wood carvings that will definitely pique your interest. It is amazing how conveniently these were placed in the center of the store demanding every visitor’s attention.Giggling parents along with their kids, trying their best to ignore these unusual works of art, weren’t an uncommon site.

Little did they know that what they see as a bunch of penises are an expression of fertility in this part of the world. This is a result of western society’s long-held inhibitions and cultural taboos around public discussions or displays of sex and fertility.

On a funny note, imagine yourself explaining the situation if the customs in your country stop you over a bunch of dildos.


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  1. Keyrings, hat stands, beautiful carvings.. Ubud has many colourful carvings for sale too… 🙂

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