Chaos in the midst of Order

Water Blow is a famous blow hole located in the Southern Peninsular region of Nusa Dua, Bali. It is here that you can witness perfect harmony between calm skies and violent waves that continuously crash against the jagged limestone.

Cycle and Breathtaking View

The place is a perfect pit stop to catch a breath while you are on an early morning walk or you are cycling along the coast line. The view is pleasant but the massive surges of water(up to 30 m high) can leave you completely awestruck and drenched. If you are a sucker for adventure, the best time to visit is during high tide, early in the morning, when the strong current and high surf will definitely make you wet. *wink**wink*.

Sharp and Jagged Rocks

These large surges of water are formed as a result of a narrowing crag below the cliff face that channel the water towards the sky from its base. Eventually, the area around crevice is eroded resulting in jagged and sharp rock formation.

PS: Jumping into the water for a quick swim is not recommended.

Water Blow, Nusa Dua

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