This blog is a joint effort of a guy and a girl(We ain’t gonna introduce ourselves just yet). As opposed to what Buzzfeed or Cosmo usually does,we have tried writing
about our experiences in a very honest and unbiased manner about all the sex positions that we have actually tried.So here,you’ll find a HER POV” and a “HIS POV”.
Go ahead,give this a quick read,share your views(if you’re bold enough ) and pray that by the end of publishing this article we haven’t broken up yet for being
excessively honest with each other.

Imagine this ,
In bed: Baby,I love it when you’re inside me.
In my head:Should have checked his dick size before dating him.

Image result for small dick memes
Well , oops ūüėČ


Also,before starting off I must specifically mention that neither are we sexperts nor are we buzzfeed or cosmopolitan to tell you what couples like or don’t like.We are just giving out our experience hoping you could relate,or find helpful enough to try/not try.


                                THE DOGGY STYLE:




In this the girl has to be in the position of a dog while your man enters you from behind(which is pretty obvious from the name itself,I’m assuming).So firstly,as I claim to be a feminist( not a hardcore one),I found it to be slightly demeaning initially,I can’t really explain why exactly,maybe it was the position I lay in.But the intensity of this position,which results due to the fact that your man gets to go “deeper” into you (the tip of his penis is often able to touch your cervix according to cosmopolitan)provides immense pleasure right in the moment.It helps to build up an orgasm for women faster than any otherposition.Now,here are a few tips that I’ve tried.Uusally in doggy style,the man does all the work,he spanks you from behind(which is kinky and sexy,I actually love it and sometimes I do feel like screaming “more”),he rocks your world from behind(quite literally),he can decide his pace,syncing isn’t really a factor here for you don’t have to move back or forth yourself(or that’s what I believe).What you can do is,you can try and reach out for his sensitive spot,his balls or the spot below it and gently rub it,or squeeze it,play with it and it just intensifies his pleasure and yours too.I personally love it if he
spanks me hard when I’m least expecting it and grabs my boobs with the other hand and squeezes them.It gives me a slight submissive feel and I absolutely love it.The one solid disadvantage is,I tend to get tired by this style pretty fast while he can go on and on and on for long.Maybe it’s just me or all of us girls.

P.S: Some women also have certain insecurities,like butt scars etc,that prevents them from trying out this particular style,but my dear lady,you are a
GODDESS.Remeber that.Scars or not,when a man decides to have sex with you,he has to accept you the way you are(just like you do) with your scars ,
small/big breasts,small or huge ass,scars or not,he has to accept all of you,devour all of you.


The biggest advantage of this position is that we can climax as the movie we are watching also climaxes. It’s alright if it takes you a while to figure this one out. On a more serious note, this position is on the top of our list for reasons that extend beyond a great movie. Initially, when we tried it out for the first time, I have to admit that it wasn‚Äôt the most convenient way to have sex but a few adjustments here and there made us fall in love with this position. It’s difficult to locate the vagina when you are in this position so I always depend on her to slide my penis into her vagina. Once you start rocking back n forth and establish rhythm, the experience is very scintillating. You can hold her waist and this enables you to push to greater depths than any other position. It is certainly a position in which I am the dominant one(love that) and I am not afraid to try different things with my hands. I love spanking her and caressing her curvaceous body as she moans in pleasure. I feel that starting off with this style is not the best idea and the best practice is to couple it with something softcore. When the intensity is high enough, switch to this position and do not be afraid to be a little rough because even if she doesn‚Äôt admit it, she likes it more than you think. The best part is, however afterwards, when you are exhausted and lie next to each other gasping for air, thinking how good that was.





Yes,you are going to take your man for a long long ride because he’s the one riding you. This is a modified form of missionary position(if you already haven’t figured it out yet).Missionary position is probably a woman’s favourite position where you can just lie and enjoy and your man does all the work.You are completely at the receiving end. So why not make it a bit more comfortable and at the same time make it a bit easier for our hard-working partners,eh? Putting a pillow underneath,gives your man a better access to penetrate,and lifts your partner’s weight off your body.While many women just lie while their man is doing all the work,you could also take turns in making the to and forth motion or you both can do it together in sync and eventually that helps build an orgasm much much faster for both the partners.First you let him thrust in and out,the after a while you push in and out.This way,nobody gets too tired and the work gets divided( my boyfriend always complains of me being the lazy one ,so occasionally I put in extra effort to please him).You can also change the angle of penetration (I personally like it when he tilts a little when he goes¬†inside for that gives him a better access and a slightly different feel for me).Might I suggest occasional kissing and licking of boobs and biting each other’s necks softly marking your territories.You can start off at a slower pace and the slowly build it up to a very fast pace.

(There have been incidents when we had actually lost notion of the fast pace we were going 
in  until we  heard  the loud creaking of the bed)


This position allows a much better angle when you are performing intercourse in the missionary style. My girlfriend is selfish and even lazy when it comes to sex. She never minds being on the receiving end even though she will rant about women empowerment all day long.This position has worked really well for us because it allows her freedom of movement while I go about my business. This opens a lot of space for improvisations like different angles, and it is easier for both of us to thrust simultaneously as things start getting a little wild. As the heat builds up, I like to bite her lips and slowly bite her neck. It is particularly arousing when she attacks my neck with kisses and small bites, I can feel waves of pleasure taking control of my whole body.  The neck action might result in a few ugly hickeys but trust me, it takes the sexual intensity to another level and leaves you asking for more. While in this position, I often like to be face to face with her, looking into the her eyes while she begs me to keep going. I think the key to a great sex is communication during intercourse and I love it when she moans in pleasure, it only motivates me to satisfy her in every way possible.

If you hardcore and do not mind a little bit of BDSM, tying her hands to the bed and blindfolding her can also be done on experimental basis. Experiments sometimes lead to the best inventions. Unawareness of what is coming next will only make her come faster *wink*.





Never have I been a good at riding,be it cycles ,scooters,bikes ,horses and certainly not guys.Neither has anybody ever bet on me for that fact(Well,no shit!).So no matter how much my boyfriend loves it,I never really manage to go along with this style for too long.I have no idea how the porn stars do it so confidently and in such a perfect manner(?).Is it the years of practise or multiple shoots,I’ll never know, I guess.So let me explain my level of expertise in this style with an example. I put on some netted stockings and a black corsette,and climbed onto him while he was very drunk and so was I.I climbed onto him,made him slid his hands down my body slowly,swaying my hips on his penis,looking straight into his eyes and letting him know as a matter of fact that he is at my mercy.Slowly I make him take my corsette off and I bend down to kiss him,but not for too long to give him the complete satisfaction.The best part about this style is,it gives the woman a sense of dominance, and you can look into your partner’s lustful eyes that desire you like anything which just increases your self-confidence(I believe,nothing is sexier for a man than a confident¬†woman who knows what she’s doing).

Now comes the difficult part which is riding him.It is immensely pleasurable for the girl,she can move at her own pace knowing what she requires the best ,she can close her eyes,sway her hips,play with her boobs,arch forward and backward and the best part is,you know he’s watching you,every single move and it’s making it more and more difficult for him to just not push you down and fuck you hard(prove me wrong,my dear boyfriend).However,with me ,there have moments when the penis has slipped out quite often,and putting it back in again and again is a slight turn off on both sides.Also to ensure that this doesn’t happen,you have to tilt ahead in a certain manner which becomes uneasy(at least for me)to ride my boyfriend.Like the flexibility of this style for me isn’t much,for a slight change in position ruins the moment. So when this happens ,like the nice boyfriend that he is(and super horny),he just pushes me down and resorts to
what he does the best.Let’s just say,we need more practise in this style to master it completely.


It might not be the best position we have tried but I absolutely love it when she takes total control. I love it when she puts on those netted stockings with high-heeled wedges and a corsette. I love it even more when she ties my hands up, kisses me and slowly advances downward while kissing my chest. Finally, she takes me to another world when she works her mouth around my dick. I feel helpless as I completely lose control and I have a strong urge to be inside her and fuck her like never before. However, she is an adamant person and loves to torture me even when I beg her to stop. Then she partially removes her stockings¬†and sits on top of my dick pushing it inside her vagina. As she increases the pace, I sort of freak out that the crazy woman is ¬†going to crush my dick ¬†for she is always after my manlihood but it’s not long before pleasure takes over me.

This position might look very easy to pull off but it is really difficult maintain at a very high pace as the penis keep popping out of the vagina and sometimes it becomes irritating for both of us. But this does not stop us from having sex, she just unties me and I am back on top again.





Ever wondered why guys exchange smirks and secret smiles among themselves when they come to know that the girl is a cheerleader?
Oooooo,more flexibilty” their eyes scream at each other.I am not a cheerleader. But I am dancer and that makes me flexible enough to try this style and proudly claim that this is one of the best styles allowing your boyfriend the maximum penetration possible and with every thrust you could simply feel him hitting your G-spot.
So all that you have to do is,swing your legs around his shoulders and support your body by placing your hands on the bedpost or the edge of the bed,and let your man take you
to places with every single thrust.You can feel the whole of him inside you,and every single thrust just sends a shock of pleasure through your whole body. Again in this case,
the guy does all the work,but hey you deserve this one,you flexible beast. You can again,look into his eyes filled with anxiety and pleasure. You can do him one better by
tightening your vagina around his penis,thereby doubling his pleasure(It’s tried and tested and I finished him off in two minutes flat,something I always tease him about) for it’s
immensely pleasurable for both partners to penetrate into a “tight pussy” as they say. However,being flexible doesn’t mean I have no bones,and I can’t just go along in that
position for hours(nor can any super flexible cheerleader(make note my dear boyfriend)) so evetually you do have to bring it to an end,unless you want to end up with knee


So this is another position which must succeed a less intensive style of having sex. Also, this one might not be for everyone as it requires the lady to be on the flexible side. I got lucky here since my girlfriend is not only able to bend her fingers in weird ways, but she is also flexible at places where it matters the most. This position might be for flexible people but it doesn’t allow much flexibility when it comes to movement. It is plain but very effective. I really like it as her vagina tightens around my penis and with every thrust, I am drawn closer to an orgasm. The penetration in this position is very deep and she absolutely loves the orgasms this position(and I ) am  able to give her( I sincerely hope so).






I am going to honestly declare it right in the beginning that this style is NOT a piece of cake. We have tried and failed and moved to the bed. But I can’t deny that it had been fun and exciting. He had pushed me against the kitchen counter beside the stove (make sure it’s off. Don’t let your burning passion burn the whole house down) completely ignoring the cupboards above us,and hence every time I tried moving ahead or he tried pushing inside me,we hit our heads. You need to be in a semi sitting position to allow your boyfriend proper access, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes in order to make it easy for him,you keep moving ahead eventually falling off the counter, or after one thrust, his penis comes out. It’s a chaos and will leave you laughing and enjoying yourselves even if you haven’t quite mastered it.¬†And knocking¬†against those cupboards will also knock some sense into you and make you choose your future sex partners more wisely(Hear,my not very experienced boyfriend).


Imagine this, you rent a nice hotel room with your girlfriend for a night and the room has a kitchen which you won’t be using at all, so why not use it to have sex. It can be perfect for a little roleplay action where she is working in the kitchen and you come from behind, start kissing her neck. Then as things get heated up, both of you end up having sex on the kitchen counter as you don’t have the patience to go to the bed.  I think my girlfriend is a sucker for adventure and we have managed to have sex in places unimaginable (Eg. College Ground, Random Rooftops etc) so taking her to the kitchen counter wasn’t a big challenge.

This position has been definitely glorified in porn and even in some movies but it is difficulty to pull off even if you have a willing partner. The biggest problem for me was the height of the counter, it is either too short or too tall. I am sure the porn industry spends a significant amount on increasing/decreasing the height of these counters.

Signing off.



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